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Your choice to engage in holistic, self-directed healthcare offers new possibilities for ways to live empowered in your daily life. dōTERRA, “gift of the earth” in Latin, provides you with nature’s solutions so you can care for the whole you and enhance your physical, mental, and emotional health. As you personally experience the powerful benefits of essential oils, you will understand why dōTERRA is revolutionizing the way families are boosting their health.

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Envision a life where finding solutions is simple. With a reference guide and a box of dōTERRA’s CPTG® essential oils at your fingertips, you are prepared to address 80 percent of your health priorities. For those times when you need support from a specialist, partner with a practitioner who supports you in finding the best scientific and natural solutions.

My Personal Story

How I Learned About dōTERRA

I was a Marketing professional for a large multi-national corporation, running the rat race day in and day out. In this job, I frequently attended trade shows and health fairs to market the company I worked for. Being a regular on the trade show circuit, I got to know the other people who spent time at the shows and fairs introducing people to their various products. I struck up a some casual friendships, but it seemed like the dōTERRA Wellness Advocates I met were the most genuine and happy among them and they always treated me with warmth, kindness and respect. It really struck me how these folks, out of all of the people I interacted with, seemed so happy and to just Care.

My husband has had health problems all of his life. He contracted a bone disease as a child that still causes him to suffer every day. He has several artificial joints, including both hips and has more surgeries than I can count. He had taken painkillers and anti-inflammatories for most of his life. Being a computer programmer, he hated the painkillers, they dulled his mind as well as his body and made concentration very difficult. We were willing to try anything to alleviate his suffering. After listening to my new friends with dōTERRA I decided to give Essential Oils a try. My husband was very skeptical but was willing to give it a shot. He was absolutely amazed at the results, as I write this, he has not taken a painkiller in 10 months, the longest he has gone without them in his adult life. He feels better and is in less pain than when he was taking those powerful opiates. As much as he doubted the effectiveness of oils, it’s hard to explain what else it could have been that has helped him so much. He increased his insurance coverage last year in anticipation of shoulder surgery this year but he has not had to use it. His shoulder pain was so bad that it would wake him up several times a night. He has been using Deep Blue for about 6 months and no longer wakes up in pain in the middle of the night. He has not used his increased insurance, in fact, he’s not even been to the doctor in 10 months which has got to be a record. He used to have to go to the doctor at least every 3 months just to get the painkillers.

We have been amazed with both dōTERRA as an organization and the effectiveness of Essential Oils. So much so that I became a Wellness Advocate myself. The people I work with at dōTERRA are awesome. I have made so many close friends who are genuinely caring and kind. This has been the most rewarding career choice I’ve ever made, in fact I recently resigned my marketing position and am now representing dōTERRA full time. It is so wonderful to be working for myself, no longer having to go into work where no one really cares about you, where you write reports no one really reads, where you get no recognition for your hard work, where you are not given credit for exceeding you goals but then have your goals raised and then get yelled at for not exceeding those new goals. At dōTERRA, it’s up to me, not some faceless person in an office 3,000 miles away, about how well I’m doing. I can benefit from my own hard work, not benefit some entity that couldn’t care one whit about me, my life or my well-being. But more than anything else, I truly value the people that I have met through dōTERRA. To a person, they have been wonderful to me. I have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime. If this sounds good to you, and believe me it should, please reach out to me and let’s have a conversation about how dōTERRA and Essential Oils can make a difference in your life as it has in mine.

Sincerely, Karen

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